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♕ The Shelby Martin ♕

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Photo By Raffy Martin

Make up By Ness Estor

Hair By Shelby Martin

The FACE-skill

When I was 7, I used to play at my Mom’s dresser. I used to put on her Lipsticks and her Make-up then I play around pretending I’m a real Princess

I used to have dry, acne kind of skin when I was younger. But eventually it comes off, Teenagers must not worry too much cause that’s part of growing up and we all have different types of skin. Some may not have encountered having acne problems, some may have. You don’t have to be insecure about it. All you have to do is take care of your Skin because it is very important for us girls to look fresh and have a glowing radiant skin.

My Do’s and Don’ts for Skin Care

I usually don’t go out without any make-up on, especially when I do or have a shoot. Make-ups just became a part of my daily Life, it’s like the best of the best I have and I make sure I take good care of my Skin. 

Since I usually had a dry and acne kind of skin before, I really make sure I do follow all the steps of how to take good care of your skin.

Always remember! Never sleep with Make-up on, never.

So Before I go to bed, I make sure to remove my Make-up. I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleansing Wipes as my Make-up remover and Estée Lauder Eye Make-up Remover for my Eye Make-up. 

After that, I put ice on my face. Ice cubes! Which actually helps minimize pores, then I cleanse my face using Know-It-Oil - Virgin Coconut Oil from VMV Hypoallergenics. It’s pure organic coconut oil, it helps repair damage from environmental factor and it’s for all skin types. 

I wash my face using this Organic Carrot Soap, which my Mom discovered from a Friend who’s a Dermatologist. Before, I use VMV’s Superskin Moisture for Dry Skin which is also effective cause it prevented my skin form getting too dry. 

Remember, if you have skin problems do visit a Doctor or a Dermatologist for you to know what exact Regimens to use in taking care of your skin. Don’t just buy something just because you know some Friend of yours is using that kind of Skin Care brand. Make sure to ask before you purchase because you don’t want your Skin to be uneven, rough and unbalance. 

For other Skin Care regimens, I use ID Anti-Acne and Overall Anti-Bacterial Monolaurin Gel from VMV Hypoallergenics. I pat the gel on the affected area (whenever I have an acne breakout or a pimple) or on my whole face for pure and even treatment. I also use it before putting my Make-up on to prevent shine and it gives a naturally fresh matte finish. 

For Moisture and Sun Protection (or even at night), I use ARMADA FACE COVER SPF 45 or 60 from VMV Hypoallergenics. It helps lighten melasma and prevent skin cancer. I use it everyday for indoor and outdoor.

Remember Ladies, never head out without any Sunscreen protection on! 

So there, that’s my daily dose of Skin Care I do it every morning (except for the Make-up removing part) and at night. I make it a habit of not forgetting the steps because my face turns out to have a pimple the next morning. Haha 

The Shelby Martin

Photo by Raphael Martin

Make- up by Ness Estor

Hair by Shelby Martin

Birthday Suits

Since my Birthday is in 6 DAYS! (I can’t believe it!) I wanna tell you something about what I’m planning to wear on my Birthday Celebrtion

 Jumpsuits and Playsuits

With a love of the 70’s, fashion has gone all out for excess, with wideleg Jumpsuits channelling a very glam vibe and also Playsuits is he ultimate girly escapism. From plain wideleg or bell bottoms to printed fitted thigh. 

Printed/Cool Color Shades Jumpsuits

Everyday Playsuits

Fab Night Playsuits, suitable for parties or dinner with some of your girlfriends

Isabella Jumpsuit, named after my Mom’s screen name

My Birthday Suit

Pixels : LOMOgraphy

Have you heard about a LOMO Camera? At first, I thought it was a joke. Who wouldn’t? As you stare at it, it looks like a Toy Camera that doesn’t produce any film but when you own one all you can do is giggle and say “OMG! It’s so cute!


Lomographic Cameras are designed to produce a single photographic effect. Lomo Cameras have different kinds, there’s a Lomography Fisheye Camera that features a built in wide angle lens. 

A photo taken using a Fisheye Lomo Cam

Holga Lomography Camera a medium format camera 

A photo taken using Holga Lomo Cam

Digital Lomo Cam

Lomo Oktomat 8 Lens Cam

Toy Lomo Camera

Waterproof Lomo Cam

Diana Lomo Cam

Get a Lomo Camera and enjoy Photography even more! :)

To see reviews and to learn more about Lomography visit 

Blogging Bloggers Blog

We all know that Blogs are distinguished as the best interactive site where in it allows people to write comments and leave messages through widgets. Some Blogs usually contain regular entries like personal diaries, commentary photos and videos or sometimes descriptive events. 


Tumblr is known as the coolest blogging platform on the block

I basically love to check out Blogs. I have friends who Blog about Fashion, Food, Photography and even Art which I find very interesting. So I decided to make my own, where I can put all my personal “To Do’s” and “Things I did last..”, Blog about stuffs I love and share something to people who as well love to check out Blogs too. 

So here I am starting my day with this first entry. ( Disregard my Reblogs )

Every child deserves a chance to be young. I know that it wont hurt you to reblog this and show everyone how beautiful these children are.

Learn to shut up

The different sides of me



please take your time to read this.

This is Lizzie. She has a brain tumor and currently gets surgery almost everyday. She is only 4 years old and she just has ONE BIG DREAM. To meet Justin Bieber!

Now i know tumblr can make people their dreams come true. i know we can help this girl making her dream come true.

please reblog this and spread the world. it only takes 5 seconds for you and it could make a dream come true.

i dont usually reblog stuff like this..but..i couldnt resist :(


how can girls in bikinis get more reblogs then this

Please make it happen. 

 shes cuttte! everyone should reblog.

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